Ousama Ranking Episode 23 Release Date In US, UK, Australia

Ousama Ranking Episode 23 Release Date : The Japanese show Ousama Ranking is a delightful anime filled with action, comedy-drama and emotions. This series has been taken from manga and beautifully converted into anime which we all have liked so far. This has made us want to know the upcoming Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date. If you haven’t watched it yet, then you must give it a thought to watch, it’s really a good show.

As you read on you will get to know the Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date and where you can watch it and much more information about the series Ousama Ranking.

Ousama Ranking Episode 23 Release Date
Ousama Ranking Episode 23 Release Date

Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date

Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date is revealed in this para. As the fans are showing this much interest and love to this show, creators are enthusiastic to keep on making it. So, Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date has been decided on Thursday, Mar 24 2022 at 10:55 AM. The countdown for Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date to come is 12 days from now.

Watch Ousama Ranking Episode 23 online in the US, UK, Australia

The official channel to watch Ousama Ranking is Fuji TV in Japan. In other countries, you may watch it on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Wakanim.

Ssuke Tka’s fantasy manga series Ousama Ranking is published in Japan. Enterbrain has compiled it into twelve separate volumes that are not part of an anthology. In October 2021, Wit Studio’s anime television series adaptation premiered on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block. The kingdom looks down on the young Prince Bojji, who is so deafeningly deafened that those who criticize his purported foolishness dubs him “The Useless Prince.”

Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date with its overview

Name of the series Ousama Ranking
Episode number 23 Episodes
Episode length 23 minutes
Ousama Ranking Episode 23 release date Raw (Japanese): 24 March 2022 (09:25 PM)

Subtitles: 24 March, 2022 (10:55 PM)

Airs on Fuji TV
Genre Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, History, Anime, Animation

 Synopsis of Ousama Ranking

Bojji, a deaf and impotent prince who can’t even hold a child’s sword. As the firstborn son, he works hard and aspires to be the world’s greatest king. People whisper behind his back that he is “a good-for-nothing prince” and that “there is no way he can be king.” Bojji makes his first buddy, “Kage” (shadow) – a genuine shadow on the ground who somehow understands Bojji. (Kage is a survivor of the nearly extinct Kage assassin clan. Kage, no longer a murderer now survives by stealing.) The plot chronicles Bojji’s maturation as he encounters numerous individuals in his life, beginning with his tragic meeting with Kage.

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More about Ousama Ranking

Prince Bojji does not appear to be a conventional heir to the throne, unable to hear, talk, or carry a sword and his country agrees. However, his tragic encounter with Kage, a shadow on the ground, provides him with his first genuine buddy. The two embark on a tremendous adventure and create a connection that can conquer any obstacle including being king.

However, while Bojji is not physically powerful, he is not weak from the heart. When he has a fortuitous meeting with a shadow monster, which should have left him devastated, he instead believes he has found a friend among people who only chose to see his flaws. He begins to meet with Kage, the shadow, on a frequent basis, to the point that even the normally harsh monster begins to warm up to him. Kage and Bojji’s unexpected bond provides the groundwork for the prince’s quest, one in which he plans to overcome his worries and inadequacies. Despite the frequent mockery he receives, Bojji strives to become the greatest king he can be.

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