Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled? All Details

Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled

Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled: Elon Musk tweeted early in the morning, “this deal cannot move forward”. The number of fake accounts on Twitter is still not counted. These volumes of spam accounts on the Twitter platforms are still under review. The bots make up a much larger percentage of their user base than … Read more

Naomi Judd Death Scene Photos, Cause Of Death, Did She Shoot Herself In The Head?

Naomi Judd Death Scene Photos

Naomi Judd Death Scene Photos: Naomi Judd, one half of the legendary country music duet The Judds, reportedly committed herself after battling mental illness for years. Naomi’s daughters, Wynonna and Ashley, said in a statement issued Saturday that their mother died from “the affliction of mental illness.” According to many sources, the 76-year-old country music … Read more

How Much BYJUS Paid For FIFA World Cup 2022 Sponsor

How much BYJU’s paid for FIFA World cup 2022 sponsor

How Much BYJUS Paid For FIFA World Cup 2022 Sponsor: BYJU, a leading education technology business located in India has been named an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022. BYJU will receive access to a worldwide platform as an Official FIFA World Cup 2022 Sponsor, allowing them to further advocate the convergence of … Read more