Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled? All Details

Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled: Elon Musk tweeted early in the morning, “this deal cannot move forward”. The number of fake accounts on Twitter is still not counted. These volumes of spam accounts on the Twitter platforms are still under review. The bots make up a much larger percentage of their user base than they have let on in the past, meaning Twitter’s value is highly overstated.

Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled
Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled

Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Cancelled? All Details

Twitter responded to Elon’s tweet “committed to completing the transaction on the agreed price and terms as promptly as practicable.” Is Elon knocking billons off the deal? He knew about the bots before the offer.

Why Elon Musk is planning to cancel the Twitter deal

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his deal to buy Twitter can’t move forward unless the company shows public proof that less than five percent of the accounts of the platform are fake or spam. Musk made the comment in a reply to another user on Twitter earlier on Tuesday in his tweet musk said 20 fake or spam accounts are four times higher than what Twitter claims.

His offer was based on twitter’s sec filings being accurate yesterday Twitter CEO publicly refused to show proof of five percent this deal cannot move forward until he Does musk has made a public mandate of fighting the bot army on Twitter as soon as he made an offer to buy the social media platform out.

Many rumors and comments are always in musk’s era. Some of them are against and some are supportive, Twitter is just a virtual business that makes money from things like advertising, and Mr. Musk buying Twitter has brought many ups and downs in the Tesla stock.

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Right now there is so much controversy about this twitter deal and Elon Musk. The first is that he is doing this in a way to sort of renegotiate the deal and put out there that maybe Twitter wasn’t totally honest with him about a number of users.

As we mentioned, Twitter stockings and plunge. It’s now valued where is he paid about. He offered to pay 44 million for it. And then the other school of thought is that you know, maybe he’s looking just walk away from the deal altogether. So it is important to note that since he and Twitter struck this deal about 3 weeks ago and the market has changed dramatically.

The S&P benchmark indexes created about 10% and Elon’s last personal wealth is tied closely to tesla and those years of talk of about 25% since Twitter struck this deal.

He’s a new kind of asking for trouble if he does walk away from the deal. He will have to pay upfront 1 billion dollars. The so-called fee to Twitter for leaving the deal and that he also opened itself up to a lot of people could get sued by Twitter.

We mentioned the SEC, he, of course, could get in trouble with a number of regulatory bodies. But oftentimes these regulatory bodies only find him a few million dollars, which is not even a hands-off for somebody with Elon Musk’s net worth.


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