Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 Release Date, Synopsis, Countdown, Where to Read

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 Release Date is out now. Mercenary Enrollment, also known as Teenage Mercenary, is a popular weekly military-themed Manhwa written by YC and drawn by Rak Hyun. Studio JHS commenced production and distribution of Mercenary Enrollment on the Naver Series publishing platform for books & comics on November 6, 2020. Soon after, Navar Webtoon, a Korean comic book publishing site, took up its publication.

Let’s find out Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 release date and various details about this manga.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 Release Date
Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 Release Date

When is the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 release date?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 release date is on Sunday, April 17, 2022, at 12:00 AM, Korean Standard Time. The fans are becoming impatient for the new chapter Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 release date.

The raw scans will be available a few days before the spoilers, followed by the English translation.  The raw scans for Mercenary Enrollment chapter 81 will be released on the internet 2 to 3 days before the spoilers, but the final release should be delayed.

Where can you read the manga Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 Manga Online English is a weekly manga, and fans have been impatiently awaiting the new Chapter Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 release date. We strongly advise you to read on Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 release date from the official manga site “” in order to support the creators.

Synopsis of the manga Mercenary Enrollment

Ijin Yu was aged eight when his parents were killed in a plane crash, leaving him left in a foreign country and forced to work as a child mercenary to live. When he returns to Korea after ten years, there will be plenty of food and shelter for him and the rest of his family. Ijin, on the other hand, would rapidly realize that surviving as an adolescent presents a completely another set of challenges. Ijin just has one more year of high school left, therefore he needs to find new ways to navigate the campus How long will he be a senior in high school? Can the school, on the other hand, keep him in check?

He’s a tall adolescent with long brown hair who is greying. He appears to be significantly smaller than the Special Military Force troops, but at least as formidable. He presently holds the upper hand over the other characters in the manhwa in terms of combat ability.

He disguised himself as a mercenary by wearing olive fatigues and a shemagh. He is used to wearing his school uniform, casual attire, and formal suit after becoming a bodyguard trainee.

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More about Mercenary Enrollment

The protagonist is portrayed as a masked vigilante who assists his buddies in need. Yu Ijin will be pitted against Kilsoo’s group in the forthcoming Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81. Kilsoo ultimately acknowledged in the last chapter that he was the one who assaulted all of Doosik’s hideouts. He’s been after Doosik since he returned from Russia.

Dossik, according to Kilsoo, had softened and lost his way as a criminal and gang head. Kilsoo invited Doosik to help him extend his area, but Doosik declined and was therefore attacked. Ijin and Doosik have gotten closer and created a friendship, and while Yu Ijin does not express compassion for his friends, he does come to their aid when necessary.

When Doosik learned that his brother Hyungseok had been kidnapped by Kilsoo and was being tortured, he sought Ijin’s assistance. Ijin, as always, comes to the rescue as a masked fan. The English Chapter of High School Mercenary 81 will show Ijin beating all of Kilsoo’s thugs and rescuing Hyungseok. Zoosk will finally have his retaliation the next time. Let’s see what turns and twists Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 release date brings out for us.

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