3 Ways to Get Uber Customer Care Number

Here is how to get Uber Customer Care Number. Have you used Uber ridesharing ever? I am sure that most of us have used Uber Cab service multiple times. It is a leading company in ridesharing. Uber Operates in more than 785 metropolitan cities in the world. But Recently I found major problems with Uber Customer Care Numer. So that’s why I am sharing this article to let you know what is a problem with Uber Customer Care and how can you solve it.

What is the Problem with Uber Customer Care Number?

Last week I had to go to Banglore for a business meeting. So I booked a flight from Mumbai to Banglore. I live in Pune, so I have to reach Mumbai Airport at 12.00 PM because my flight was at 1.00 PM. So I decided to take Uber from Pune to Mumbai. I left home at the right time. Uber driver was very good and he was driving at a good speed. I was sure that I will reach Mumbai Airport on Time.

But unfortunately, there was a hell lot of traffic on Highway. After 30 minutes traffic got cleared. I reached the airport. I was having one suitcase and one small bag with me. I was in such a hurry that I forgot my bag in the Uber cab and Just picked a suitcase. I realized that when I sat in an airplane. After arriving at Banglore I Immediately searched for ” Uber Customer Care Number” and the problem started from this search.

Uber Customer Care Number
Uber Customer Care Number

Why I was searching for Uber Customer Care Number Online

I known many of you have took help of Uber Support from Uber App to retrieve your lost Item. But In my case, there was something wrong with my smartphone. Uber App was not opening at all. I tried to Uninstall and Reinstall still there was the same problem. So finally I decided to contact on Uber Customer Care Number. I thought that I will contact Uber Support by calling them and I will tell my problem. As per my expectation, they will share contact number of driver and I will get my lost bag return. If you also face same situation with uber then here how you can contact them.

Three Ways to Contact Uber Support

1. Use In-App Support

Uber App has everything you need. If you have Uber App Installed on your smartphone then there is no need to worry. If you forgot your valuable item or you have some other issue with Uber-like Payment or driver issue, You can contact them through Uber App. In the Help Section of App, you can find the answer to your question. There are many FAQs answered in this section.

You can use the “Call Support” option in App to directly contact customer support.

2. Call on Uber Customer Care Number Directly

I used this option because my uber app was not working. For this, I have to search a lot for Uber Customer Care Number. It was not available on the uber official website. Finally, I found their customer care Number on Quora. But Now Uber has Updated Customer Care Number on the official Website. There are two Customer care Numbers.

Uber Customer Care Number for Drivers – 0808 169 7334

Uber Customer Care Number for Riders –  0808 169 7335

So you can dial this number and reach the customer care executive directly.

3. Online Assistance on Official Website

On their official website https://www.uber.com/  They have Uber Help Section which will guide you in your queries. All the answers to your questions can be found there.

So here I have shared my experience and problem with Uber Customer Care Number and how I solved it!





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