Best TV Series on Netflix – USA 2022

Best TV Series on Netflix – USA 2022

Are you worried that you don’t have anything left to watch on Netflix? Well, no need to fret. We have got your back with this list that we have curated for you containing the best TV series on Netflix. Before getting into this list, do not forget to have one of the high-speed internet connectivity for your place. You can get any of the top internet service providers in the country such as CenturyLink. Although, with easy CenturyLink Español pagos it is not something that you would want to miss.

Best TV Series on Netflix – USA 2022
Best TV Series on Netflix – USA 2022

So now that you are bored of some of Netflix’s content then let’s dive into these best TV series on Netflix that you can watch right now.

1.     Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad established itself swiftly, publicly, and with a lot of zings. It debuted on TV with only a few episodes of totally dubious wobbling and the balance-finding of an ambitious acrobat looking for the tightrope’s center. It stayed put for the next five seasons. How has the tragic tale of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a science teacher turned meth kingpin, fared over the years? To begin this terrible trip, watch the TV program now.

2.     Ozark

It’s often compared to Breaking Bad since it’s just as brutal, violent, and character-driven. Jason Bateman plays a financial planner who becomes embroiled in a money-laundering scheme, forcing him to owe a drug lord. He comes to the Ozarks with his family in tow to implement a plan to repay his debt and save his family.

3.     Mindhunter

The episode follows two FBI agents as they establish a new division within the government to investigate some of history’s most notorious serial killers. David Fincher is a genius behind the camera, and his work on Netflix’s Mindhunter is possibly his best. The series is extremely intelligent and entertaining to watch.

4.     When They See Us

You can’t look away from When They See Us, and you can’t hide from the reality. When They See Us is a retelling of the famous Central Park Five’s story. The limited series chronicles the events surrounding the central park jogger case, which resulted in five teenagers being falsely accused of her murder. Even though there are only four episodes, the series has the same impact as a hundred. It’s quite difficult to watch ‘When They See Us’. It cuts you to the core. This is most likely why you should not pass up this eye-catching watch.

5.     BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is one of the most underappreciated comedies of all time, and it deserves a lot more recognition. One of the most cerebral comedies ever produced. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less amusing. This is a comedy that isn’t afraid to use visual humor, caustic dialogue, or a gloriously cheap laugh, but it also confronts some really difficult life facts head-on. Maybe it’s the anthropomorphism, or maybe it’s the animation, but we encourage you to look past those characteristics, settle into the plot, and be stunned by a comedy that like no other crosses the line between humorous and tragic.

6.     Peaky Blinders

If you have not watched this, we tell you to do so right away. You will not regret this. In this gangster series set in post-World War 1 Birmingham, Cillian Murphy plays Tommy Shelby, the leader of an infamous gang. Despite being advertised as a Netflix Original in the United States, the series was made by the BBC in the United Kingdom. If there’s one thing the BBC excels at, it’s producing excellent historical dramas. The series is a great depiction of the historical time and some of the most compelling television now available.

7.     Black Mirror

The British series was picked up by Netflix most likely because there is nothing else like it. The anthology series introduces a fresh topic, usually incorporating perverted technology to impact the episode and the characters. The stories almost always don’t end happily, but they do leave you with a lot of questions.

8.     Stranger Things

The 1980s sci-fi series combines a conspiracy plot with a murder mystery, a superhero series, and a monster series, and it just works. While you may argue that it achieves nothing particularly unique, you can’t dispute that it perfects every element it pulls from movies and episodes. When it aired initially it blew everyone away. And now we anxiously wait for season 4 to be aired soon enough in 2022.

9.     The Witcher

Geralt, played by Henry Cavill, is a legendary monster hunter. After meeting Yennefer and then Ciri, his world is turned upside down (you must watch it to know who all these are). Adapting successful novels is difficult, but Netflix is betting big on The Witcher, a fantasy series that wants to challenge The Lord of the Rings and, of course, Game of Thrones for the fantasy crown.

10. Downtown Abbey

Don’t we all love a slight peek into what the life of Britain once was? For good reason, the iconic British series is among the most popular to ever come out of the United Kingdom. This period drama is a must-see, featuring a large ensemble cast and a fantastic script. Downton Abbey, a beautiful, swirling period drama, is never short on drama or general conflict. The ensemble series is exceptionally well-acted, making it a must-see.


Trust us when we say that wiggling the list to only the top 10 was not easy. So hop on to Netflix now and get watching these amazing drama creations if you have not already.

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