Yellowjackets Episode 8 Release Date and Time in US, UK, Australia

There is almost of buzz regarding the Yellowjackets episode 8 release date. Despite being the first season, it has gained love and support enormously. Its cinematic representation, mysteries, drama, and so on have made this series so much popular.

That’s why we are here with all the information that you need to know about the Yellowjacket series. We will provide you with all the updates regarding the Yellowjackets episode 8 release date, what we can expect in upcoming episodes, its respective time, and so on…  that’s why to scroll down to grab all this information.

Yellowjackets Episode 8 Release Date is out now

Yes, you heard it right. The very popular SHOW’s original series has announced the official date of the Yellowjackets episode 8 release date. They have mentioned it is on upcoming Sunday night I.e. 2nd January 2022 at 10 pm ET/PT.

Yellowjackets Episode 8 Release Date
Yellowjackets Episode 8 Release Date

 Yellowjackets premise-

If you are new here and haven’t seen any episode of the Yellowjackets then also, you don’t have to worry. We still have around a week to binge-watch all its previous episodes before Yellowjackets episode 8 release date.

Let’s introduce you to the basic plot of yellowjackets season 1.

In 1966, a team of New Jersey high school soccer players traveled to Seattle for a national tournament. While they were flying over Canada, the plane crashes deep in the forest and the remaining team are left to survive for 19 months. They were dependent on madness and cannibalism while also tracing their lives in 2021.

They have categorized the whole series into 10 episodes and they are as follows with their released dates.

  1. Pilot -14 nov, 2021
  2. F sharp – 21 Nov 2021
  3. The Dollhouse- 28 Nov 2021
  4. Bear down – 5 Dec 2021
  5. Blood hive- 12 Dec 2021
  6. Saints – 19 Dec, 021
  7. No compass- 26 Dec 2021
  8. Flight of bumblebee – 2jan 2021
  9. Doom coming -9 Jan 2022
  10. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi -16 Jan 2022

What can we expect in its upcoming episode?

After the yellow jackets episode 8  release date, people are desperately waiting for a few hints about the upcoming episode.

They have named episode 8 as Flight of bumblebee. They have also described it as” while in triage after a vicious attack, the yellow jackets are left to suss out the best of their worst ideas, Shauna dabbles in some light cyberstalking.

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Can we expect season 2?

As we were eager to know Yellowjackets episode 8 release date, in the same way, we may also want to know this. As you already know that season 1 of yellow jackets has a total of 10 episodes out of which 7 are already released and 3 are scheduled to release soon. It is about to end. But its huge demand has compelled the makers to produce its sequel. So yes, the makers have decided to come up with season 2 with elevated drama, suspense, and actions. 

All these updates are officially announced, so make sure you stay connected with us till the end.

Where can you check it out?

Yellowjackets are a showtime exclusive series. If you are UK-based then you can watch it on sky Atlantic. Other than this you can also watch it on catch up, and now tv. In the UK it is running a week behind.

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With this last section, we are hoping that you have got all the answers to all your queries regarding this series. We have discussed the Yellowjackets episode 8 release date, what can we expect in its upcoming episodes, what it’s a previous plot, where we can check it out and at what time, and many more. We have discussed almost everything. So even after that if you have any unsolved queries then don’t forget to mention your queries in the comment section. We will love to solve your queries or any unsolved doubts as soon as possible.


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