Who Died In The Thor Love And Thunder: Jane Or Thor?

Who Died In The Thor Love And Thunder: Love and Thunder left us with a lot of unanswered questions. Who was he? What were they doing there? Are they truly gone? Who Died in the Thor Love and Thunder? And that’s just from the post-credits sequences.

And it’s understandable that the latest Thor film would leave us wondering what just transpired. After all, director Taika Waititi’s film serves as a sequel to portions of both Thor: The Dark World (reintroducing Jane Foster) and Thor: Ragnarok, as well as the influence of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame on the MCU. There’s a lot to sort through.

Any more comments would be considered spoilers. We look at everyone Who Died in the Thor Love and Thunder, as well as a lot more. So here’s your spoiler alert! Proceed with care since the following goes into depth on everything covered in the Thor: Love and Thunder finale.

Who Died In The Thor Love And Thunder
Who Died In The Thor Love And Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder Basis

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) reunites with former girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in Thor: Love and Thunder as they fight Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), a frightening extraterrestrial capable of slaughtering gods.

Jane is also suffering from stage 4 cancer, which no amount of Mjolnir can heal. While everything works out in the end, it comes at a high price, and it raises doubts about where the MCU is heading next. And Who Died in the Thor Love and Thunder? Let’s have a look.

Here’s Who Died in the Thor Love and Thunder

Thor and Jane Foster pursue Gorr to Eternity at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, the nexus of the universe where anyone daring enough to travel might have their greatest wish realized.

Gorr is granted a wish, but after seeing the folly of his deeds, he asks for his daughter’s resurrection. He begs Thor to watch after her with his last breath. Thor, who had planned to start a family with Jane, agrees. Thor learns to calmly nurture a rowdy young girl who glues doe eyes on his weapons as the two conclude the film living together.

Jane also succumbs to her disease and also the wounds she received while fighting Gorr. That, however, is not the end of Jane Foster’s narrative. Jane wakes up in a lovely valley and is met by Heimdall in the post-credits sequence (Idris Elba). Heimdall greets Jane to Valhalla, the Asgardian afterlife in which the mead never runs dry and the feasts are never in short supply. Only Asgardians who die in combat are welcomed into Valhalla, and Jane is rewarded with eternal bliss since she died as a warrior.

Love and Thunder close with an ambiguous warning as Jane travels towards Valhalla: “Thor will return.” But still, we have a question in mind Who Died in the Thor Love and Thunder?

 Why Did Jane Foster Have to Die in the Thor Love and Thunder?

Who Died in the Thor Love and Thunder, hers is the answer. Jane Foster’s death in Thor: Ragnarok Love and Thunder isn’t the product of a gunshot or a cosmic burst of magic; it’s the outcome of a very serious problem: her DNA. Jane’s mother died early, and she undoubtedly grew up with the nagging concern that her fate would be the same as her mother’s.

Jane’s desire, ambition, greatness, and even her ability to love a perceived danger like Thor all shift in this environment. And it would have been a huge disservice to Jane if Love and Thunder had magically saved her. There would be no injustice if Jane had defeated her cancer owing to her therapy, as she eventually did in the comics after returning from Valhalla because there are real-world similarities.

But it’s especially striking that people with cancer die horribly in both the Marvel comics and the MCU. Mar-Vell was slain and did not just reappear, and Peter Quill’s Star-Lord origin was laced with tragedy since he watched his mother’s dying, powerless from something as horrible and human as cancer.

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Finally, murdering Jane Foster at the conclusion of Thor: Love and Thunder was a brave decision, but it was the correct one. It also prevented Thor from injecting himself deeper into her tale since the MCU had notoriously underutilized Portman in the previous two Thor films and provided her something to do. In the ending, Jane Foster’s death is both terrible and significant, yet it provides her with what Marvel has previously failed her. Now you know the spoiler Who Died in the Thor Love and Thunder.

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