Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date, Story, Where to Watch Online UK, Australia, India

Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date: Vicky McClure stars as a police bomb disposal expert in London in the 2022 British criminal thriller series Trigger Point. Daniel Brierley conceived and wrote it. The series began on ITV in the United Kingdom on January 22, 2022. It was revealed in June 2022 the Peacock streaming platform had taken up the series for US streaming beginning on July 8, 2022.

As the show is reappearing in the US again, news fans are excited to know everything about this interesting show including when is Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date. We are here with all information regarding Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date and many more.

Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date
Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date

Recap of Trigger Point episode 6

Before looking at Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date, let’s recap episode 6. The device has been defused. Hamilton hires Lana as an investigator’s advisor, just as Hudson contacts her via text message, sending her the digit 661142. They discover the numbers match the coordinates of a MOD black site that houses the same type of explosives used in the previous assaults.

The police secure the Deptford Council Hall after determining that the assaults were directed at the by-election campaign. The comatose body of Hudson is discovered in the St. Jude chapel. Lana’s buddy, Karl Maguire, takes the stage as the by-election results are revealed and Labour’s candidate is proclaimed the winner, revealing that he has a bomb on him. He announces his plans as retaliation for the cover-up of an attack in Afghanistan in 2009. The

Aleysha Campbell-Khan, the Labour contender, was the chair of the Defence Select Committee at the time, and he blames her for the coverup. Lana is able to speak with Maguire while SO19 is looking for work. One of them manages to murder Maguire with a shot. Hudson reawakens, revealing his desire to become a senior like Lana. Following the event, her team is summoned to preliminary proceedings.

About Trigger Point episode 7 release date

Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date – There are six episodes in all, each lasting 60 minutes and showing once a week.

Each episode will be available on catch-up on the ITV Hub after transmission, or you may watch the show live via the streaming service and now on Peacock. So, as you can see there are only 6 episodes in total, so there will be no Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date.

 Will there be a second season of Trigger Point?

Now that we know, there are no chances for Trigger Point Episode 7 Release Date to come, let’s see will there be 2nd season for it. According to the sources, nothing has been announced concerning a new season of Trigger Point.

A new series may be determined by what occurs in the last episode and if writer Daniel Brierley neatly wraps things up or leaves us with a torturous cliffhanger until a new series is released. Brierley has stated that he found the notion of scripting a programme about an explosives squad intriguing and may wish to pursue it further.

 Story of Trigger Point in a nutshell

The series follows the ‘Expo’ officers who put their lives at risk by heading towards danger in the context of counter-terrorism police and the operations of the Metropolitan Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad in modern London.

Lana Washington is a former military bomb disposal operative (known as an ‘Expo’) and Afghan War veteran who now commands a Metropolitan Police bomb squad, where she uses her expertise to combat the terrorist threat. Lana is reckless and out of control as she deals with a sequence of improvised explosives that threaten the city during a summertime terrorist campaign.

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Lana can’t help but suspect that the bomber is purposely targeting her unit while under great duress and in quest of answers. It’s a terrible concept, but how can she confirm it and find the bomber’s true identity against all odds? Joel Nutkins (Adrian Lester), who is also ex-military, works with her. They are close because they served together in Afghanistan.

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