Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date, Countdown, Where To Read

Fans are likely to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Manga this week when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date is made accessible on the official website of Tokyo Revengers. On the Kodansha website, you can read it on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date. Raw scans are probably available on many manga websites & YouTube videos, but we prefer reading from authorized sources.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date

Everything about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date has recently been on a roll, and the fan base has increased dramatically since the anime adaptation was released. According to the most current Tokyo Revengers release schedule, the next chapter: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date will be on April 5, 2022. It is also likely that the chapter will be released earlier than expected, so fans should keep a watch out for that.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249?

Kodansha Comics is the official license holder for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249, and fans may purchase individual volumes by visiting their official websites. They can also go to other private websites to keep up with the latest chapters. We will keep publishing Tokyo Revengers content. Until then, stay updated with us for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date and anything else. You can watch this show upon Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date there.

Spoilers of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249

The latest Tokyo Revengers chapter is named Hey Dude, according to sources. The chapter begins with Takemichi battling Kakucho. Of course, Takemichi can easily match Kakucho’s power, which surprises the entire Kanto Manji gang.

In the meantime, Mochi picks Chifuyu up from the ground and challenges him to a battle. Mitsuya, on the other hand, controls numerous members of the opposing group. Mitsuya then notices Mikey standing nearby, observing everything. Mitsuya is irritated because Mikey’s face is devoid of expression.

So he begins to make his way towards Mikey, but first, he must get past the Haitani brothers. Both Rindou and Ran continue to assault Mitsuya from one side or the other, and Mitsuya finds it difficult to deal with two foes at the same time. So, near the end of the chapter, Hakkai appears on the scene to assist Mitsuya in his fight against the Haikai brothers.

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All about Tokyo Revengers (synopsis)

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by him. Since March 2017, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Liden Films’ anime television series adaption began in April 2021. A live-action film adaptation will be released in Japan in July 2021. As of July 2021, the Tokyo Revengers manga had sold over 32 million copies. The comic won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category in 2020.

Takemichi Hanagaki’s second year in middle school was the most joyful of his life. He was well-liked, had a good circle of friends, and even had a girlfriend. However, it was twelve years ago. He’s now a nobody: a washed-up nonentity mocked by youngsters and constantly compelled to apologize to his younger employer. A shocking news story about the Tokyo Manji Gang’s brutal murder of his lone lover, along with her brother, only adds salt to injury. Takemichi flashes back to that same day twelve years ago when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana, half a second before a train takes his pathetic existence for good.

Takemichi encounters Hinata’s younger brother after being forced to repeat the day that started his downward spiral. He acknowledges his seeming death without thinking before flashing back to the past. Takemichi instructs him to protect his sister before suddenly returning to the future. He is amazingly alive. Stranger still, the future has transformed. Takemichi appears to have the ability to alter the passage of time. When offered the chance to prevent his ex-sad girlfriend’s death at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi decides to go through a time in order to change the course of history.

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