The Smurfs Episode 53 Release Date, Countdown, Watch Online UK, Australia, India

The Smurfs Episode 53 Release Date: When the wicked Gargamel tries to catch them, the Smurfs abandon their wooded home, travel through a magical portal, and travel to New York.

The Smurfs are little blue creatures that dwell in mushroom huts in the middle of tranquil woodland. On several occasions, they attempt to outsmart Gargamel, a wicked sorcerer, Scruple- his apprentice, and his mangy cat, Azrael.

Our favorite children’s series The Smurfs is now releasing season 2, thus we all are waiting to know The Smurfs episode 53 release date, which we can find in this article easily with other information.

The Smurfs Episode 53 Release Date
The Smurfs Episode 53 Release Date

What is the Smurfs Episode 53 release date?

The Smurfs Episode 53 release date is on 18th July 2022.

The name of this episode is going to be “Say Smurf for the Camera!”.

This is the second part of the first season or you could say it may be the whole new season that will be streaming on Nickelodeon in the United States from the 18th of July 2022, which is also The Smurfs episode 53 release date.

Countdown of the Smurfs Episode 53 release date

As it will be out on 18th July 2022. That means only 14 days are left for this episode to come out. Are you excited for the new season? To know more read the whole article.

The Smurfs Episode 53 release date and Overview

The exploits of the Smurfs, small blue creatures that dwell in a tranquil hamlet and struggle to outwit the villainous Gargamel, are chronicled in this children’s series.

Name The Smurfs
Season 2(1)
Episode 1(53)
Genre ‎ Adventure, Fantasy
The Smurfs Episode 53 Release Date 18th July 2022
Countdown 14 Days to go

Where to watch the Smurfs?

The Smurfs will be available for international and domestic Netflix streaming after 18 months on pay-tv. On April 18, 2021, the television program had its international premiere on Belgium’s La Trois channel.

Currently streaming is the adventure series The Smurfs with David Freeman, Bérangère McNeese, and Mark Irons. Watch it on Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Philo, and Spectrum TV.

The second season, which will consist of 26 episodes, was announced in February 2022 and will begin airing on July 18, 2022 in the United States.

The Smurfs recap episode 50-52

Episode 50: “Papa Times Two”

A generic Smurf has to understand what it is to be responsible since he wants to feel significant and appreciated, so Vanity gives him a makeover so that he now resembles Papa Smurf.

Episode 51: “You’re Fired!”

Clumsy and Dimwitty dispute and leave the fire brigade following another incident. The two envious Smurfs band together to put pressure on Smurfette to resign after she fills their position and does an outstanding job.

Episode 52: “Poet Slam”

They agree to compete in a poetry tournament when Poet introduces Smurflily to the craft of poetry and rhyme, but Poet suffers from “white rhyme anxiety,” which seriously impairs his understanding of poetry.

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New about The Smurfs Season 2

Season 2 introduces two new characters: Wild Smurf (voiced by Luke Calzonetti), Leaf (voiced by Jade Wheeler), the fairy destined to substitute Mother Nature who doesn’t yet have full command of her powers; & a humorous character with a strong connection to animal life, whose temper & strange ways will shake up the Smurfs’ daily routine.

The Smurfs is a Belgian computer-generated animated television series that premiered on TF1 in France on May 9, 2021, and on RTBF Auvio in Belgium on April 18, 2021. It was created by IMPS and Dupuis Audiovisuel. Similar to the animated film Smurfs: The Lost Village, it has fully CGI animation. With the exception of half-hour specials like The Pluffs! which are broken into 13-minute two-part episodes as well, episodes of the new series last 13 minutes a piece. The original comic book series was expanded upon for the television show.

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