The Peripheral Episode 5 Release Date – Casts, Outline, Countdown

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In this article, you will learn about the Peripheral Episode 5 Release Date, where you can watch the series, the names of the cast and the crew, and the episode list for this season. We will also share some important insider details about the series and the episode.

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The Peripheral Episode 5 Release Date
The Peripheral Episode 5 Release Date

The Peripheral is one of the most popular American Science Fiction Streaming Television Series, which was initially released on October 21, 2022. This series acquired huge favor within the premiere of just a few episodes it has now got a new season.

Keep reading you will get The Peripheral Episode 5 Release Date in the below section.

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Episode 1. Pilot
Air date: Oct 21, 2022
Flynne Fisher is a brilliant gamer who has a hopeless job of supporting his brother and his ailing mother. When her brother enlists her help with her advanced video game, Flynn sees things she shouldn’t see and puts her family in danger.

Episode 2. Empathy Bonus
Air date: Oct 21, 2022
Mercenaries raid a family home. Seeking answers, Flynn returns to his headset and learns that this is not a game, but his time machine that travels 70 years into the future. Flynn agrees to make a deal with Wilf and Lev to help find Aelita.

Episode 3. Haptic Drift
Air date: Oct 28, 2022
Flynne and Wilf work jointly to discover Aelita; meanwhile, Burton takes efforts to destroy a new hazard.

Episode 4. Jackpot
Air date: Nov 4, 2022
Set in a destiny when technology has subtly changed society, a woman finds a secret connection to an alternate existence as well as a dark future of her own.

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Cast and crew of this series

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Flynne Fisher
  • Gary Carr as Wilf Netherton
  • Jack Reynor as Burton Fisher
  • JJ Feild as Lev Zubov
  • T’Nia Miller as Cherise Nuland
  • Louis Herthum as Corbell Pickett
  • Katie Leung as Ash
  • Melinda Page Hamilton as Ella Fisher
  • Chris Coy as Jasper Baker
  • Alex Hernandez as Tommy Constantine
  • Julian Moore-Cook as Ossian
  • Adelind Horan as Billy Ann Baker
  • Austin Rising as Leon
  • Eli Goree as Conner Penske
  • Charlotte Riley as Aelita West


The major genres of this series are Drama, Sci-fi, and Mystery thriller.

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The Peripheral Episode 5 Release Date

Finally, we are going to reveal The Peripheral Episode 5 Release Date in this section, It is scheduled on Nov 11, 2022. Star marked this date in your calendar and don’t miss watching the first-day first show of this series.

Where to watch this series?

The major platform to watch this series is Amazon Prime. If you are planning to watch this series on this platform then you will have to pay subscription fees for that and the availability of this series also depends on your region.

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