Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date-Watch Online, Spoilers, Crew, Plot information

The search for Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date is very much popular in recent days after the release of the last episode. Everybody wants to know about the release date of the next episode and where they can watch it. So, we have decided to come up with a dedicated article to give you all information you need.

Here you will learn about the main casts of this show, the release date of the next episode, the list of episodes, and the online platforms where you can watch this show. Let’s look at the Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date.

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Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date
Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is all about a set in 2011 in the United States when Jolyne Cujoh was sentenced to 15 years in prison after being involved in a car incident and framed as the murderer. She was confined at Green Dolphin Street Prison near Port St. Lucie, Florida, nicknamed the “Aquarium.” Mysterious power had awakened inside of her because of a pendant that her father, Jotaro Kujo, gave her. When a series of puzzling events occur, Jolyne’s father informed her that a follower of Dio had framed her so that he could kill her in prison. So, she urges her to escape.

Stand disc and memory disc of Jotaro had been stolen after a confrontation with one of Dio’s followers, which put him in a medically unresponsive state. Jolyine’s new resolve is to save her father by finding the main culprit behind everything.

Let’s have a look at the  Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date without any further ado.

Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date

This episode is going to be released soon, maybe next week, still we don’t have the official confirmation, but stay tuned to our page we will surely inform you as soon as we get any update.

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Cast and Crew of Ocean Stone

  • Enrico Pucci -Yong Yea
  • Jolyne Cujoh -Kira Buckland
  • Ermes Costello -Tiana Camacho
  • Emporio Alniño -Casey Mongillo
  • Foo Fighters -Brittany Lauda
  • Weather Report -Stephen Fu
  • Narciso Anasui -Howard Wang
  • Johngalli A. -David Matranga
  • Jotaro Kujo -Matthew Mercer
  • Gwess Momoko -Lee Connors
  • Thunder McQueen -Jas Patrick
  • Miraschon -Suzie Yeung
  • Lang Rangler -Dave Wittenberg
  • Sports Maxx -Kane Jungbluth-Murry
  • Romeo Jisso -Clifford Chapin
  • Gloria Costello -Heather Gonzalez
  • Dio -Patrick Seitz
  • Narrator -David Vincent

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There are a total of 24 Episodes as of now, and Stone Ocean Episode will be the 25th episode. So, star mark our page and regularly visit for updates.

Online Platforms to Watch

You can watch Stone Ocean Episode 25 on Netflix. If you want to watch this series on Netflix, you must have an active subscription to Netflix. You can also enjoy other episodes of this series on Netflix. Note down the Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date so that you can watch it as soon as it launches.

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The genre of This Series

The Genre of Stone Ocean is Fantasy, Action, Adventure, and Anime. It is a very loved anime with many action scenes and is full of fantasy which everybody expects from an anime.

Wrapping up

So now we come to the conclusion part of this Stone Ocean Episode 25 Release Date, and we conclude expecting that we have answered every question of yours which you had in your minds, like a number of episodes, cast and crew of this famous anime, Genre of this show, and the online platforms where you can watch it and a little overview of this anime. If you have any queries in your mind, forget not to leave us a comment below, we will surely assist you with the solution as soon as possible.

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