Starsilver Location Genshin Impact: Best Guide 2021

A lot of gamers want to know the Starsilver Location Genshin Impact as it is one of the most precious ores in the game. You can use it for crafting various items as well as for other purposes.  Due to this, all players in this game want to know about them.

Here, you will get the complete information about Starsilver Location Genshin Impact, how to get it easily in the game, and much more related to it. Let’s explore these locations of Starsilver and other information related to it in the game without any delay.

starsilver location genshin impact

Starsilver Location Genshin Impact Details

Starsilver is a rare and precious ore in Genshin Impact that you can find only in the Dragonspine region. You can find it in the Dragonspine region as this ore can be formed only due to the unique geographic condition and Ley Lines of Dragonspine.

You can also use Starsilver in the game for crafting various items and use it in some Weapon Ascensions. Some items require a lot of Starsilver ores in the game for crafting. In order to get them all, you will need to know all Starsilver Location Genshin Impact. You can easily find the details of these locations below.

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Starsilver ore can be used for crafting a Warming Bottle, Fine Enhancement Ore, Dragonspine Spear, Frostbearer, and Snow-Tombed Starsilver. You can also use Starsilver for Weapon Ascensions such as Dragonspine Spear, Frostbearer, and Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

All Starsilver Locations in Dragonspine

Now, it is time to know about all locations of Starsilver in the Dragonspine region of Genshin Impact. Check them below.

You can find Starsilver in various locations in the Dragonspire region. We have attached a map below with the marking of all locations where you can easily find Starsilver.

starsilver location genshin impact

This was the complete information related to the Starsilver Location Genshin Impact. So, reach there and collect all Starsilver ore in the game.

Once you will collect them, they can be used for crafting various items in the game. We have mentioned them along with the amount of Starsilver ore needed.

  • Warming Bottle – 2
  • Fine Enhancement Ore – 3
  • Dragonspine Spear – 50
  • Frostbearer – 50
  • Snow-Tombed Starsilver – 50

You will also need 50 Starsilver ores for crafting each Dragonspine Spear, Frostbearer, and Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

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Now, you have got all details about all Starsilver Location Genshin Impact. Do not forget to share your opinion related to this guide in the comment section. We would love to hear about your experience whether you have found Starsilver at these locations easily or not.

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Conclusion: Starsilver Location Genshin Impact

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the Starsilver Location Genshin Impact. So, reach every place and find Starsilver in the game. If you have any doubts or queries related to this precious or its location, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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