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Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date: Overgeared is a manga that is published online almost every week, and for which fans are eagerly looking forward to the next chapter of Overgeared manga. The current most awaited is Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date. We firmly recommend you to read Overgeared Chapter 138 from the manga sites listed below as they are the officials, with credentials to the artist.

Have you also been waiting to read the next chapter? Then you have come to the right place, as we are covering the Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date for you. Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date has been discussed below with other interesting facts about this manga.

Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date
Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date

Latest on Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date

This section will reveal to you about Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date. As we know this manga comes with new chapters each week, thus the next chapter will also come accordingly. You don’t have to wait anymore. Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date is on 1st August 2022.

Recap of the Overgeared Chapter 137

As the Overgeared Chapter 137 has also not yet been released, there is no recap for chapter 137. The same goes for the spoiler of the Overgeared Chapter 138, it is not available yet. But as soon as there is any information regarding the same we will update our site, so don’t forget to check out there. Chapter 138 may start like this, “Faker didn’t like Grid when they first met a few months back.

Grid’s blacksmithing and combat talents were superb, but his cognitive inexperience meant he couldn’t employ all of his powers.  Faker never said it, but he believed Grid was absurd. Grid, he believed, could not benefit from his class But suddenly things were different. Grid appeared different now that a long period had gone.”

What is the story on which Overgeared is based?

Shin Youngwoo is the real-life name of the main character, whereas Grid is the in-game name.

Shin Youngwoo was indeed a misfortune loser in life. He went into debt to get the gaming capsule forced to play the game Satisfy. He had a difficult existence and was forced to work manual labor jobs just to pay off his massive debt, but he continued to play the game despite his lack of skill.

During an S-class quest, his in-game character Grid had extraordinary luck with a legendary class switch item “Pagma’s Rare Book”. But behind that good fortune was his level falling to -1. This occurred owing to the legendary class change as well as the failure of an SS rank mission due to death. As the first negative levelled legendary class player, he battled to survive and make money in the Satisfy world.

He gradually moved out from the bottom of the barrel to the top through effort and hard work. With his charisma, items, and dignity stats, he earned new allies, both as a player and NPC. He continues to forge the greatest weapons for himself and battles as the heir to Pagma, a famous blacksmith and swordsman. Meanwhile, he is no longer under Pagma’s shadow, is close to perfecting Control, and is writing his own epics.

Overgeared Chapter 138 Online Reading Platforms

You may read this manga on Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date on Kakaopage. If you wish to read Overgeared Chapter 138 in English or another language, you may do so exclusively on Kakaopage, especially on Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date.

On the Overgeared Chapter 138 Release Date, it will be available on the Kakaopage online. Crunchyroll, Mangaplus, Kiryu, Mangaku, Mangakita, and more sites also have it.

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Koreon novel ‘Overgeared,’ is by Park Saenal. Two manga artists, Silverbin & HABAN, have turned it into manga manhua. Grid is the username taken by Young Woo Shin in that game. When he is mentioned in the most popular virtual reality game, terrible luck follows him. However, he uncovered the most influential legendary task among more than 2 billion gamers in the middle of his trip.

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