Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date And Time, Countdown, Spoiler

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 release date has been released and we have mentioned in the article and all information regarding this episode. Most of the fans have been curiously waiting to know Ousama Ranking Season 1 Episode 22 Release Date, Time. This is again going to be a blockbuster episode as always these episodes get so much praised by the fans or viewers.

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date
Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 release date

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 release date has been revealed now. Fans are eagerly waiting for this amazing episode to release. We all the fans are here, to know the releasing date of the article. Ousama ranking release date will officially be out on 17th March 2022. The release date for this article has been released, and the waiting period is over.

The countdown for the Ousama Ranking

The Ousama Ranking Episode 22 release date has been out. 13 days had left for this wonderful article to be released. 13 days to go, to end the willingness which we are looking for. Here we all the fans are excited for this wonderful season to be out. We all are looking for this Ousama ranking to be revealed soon. Now the dates and countdown for the releasing date have come. Ousama Ranking Episode 22 release date-related information which is revealed now.

Where to watch this season The Ousama ranking?

Here we have updated about the online platform where we can watch this episode The Ousama ranking. The Ousama Ranking Episode 22 release date for this episode has been officially announced and mentioned above. These episodes are amazing which mostly liked by the fans. The release date has been declared, we can watch that episode on 9anime. Fans are mostly eager to watch these episodes. We are all excited to watch this episode, mostly got good responses on this episode. The Ousama Ranking Episode 22 release date is officially out now.

Overview of the season Ousama

Name of the Season – Ousama Ranking

Episode Number – Episode 22

Genre  – Coming of age, Fantasy comedy

Ousama Ranking initial Release Date – October 15, 2021

Ousama Ranking Season 1 Episode 22 Release Date – 17 March 2022

Number of seasons – Season 1

NOD – 13 days

Spoiler of the season Ousama ranking

The series’ darkest episode, Ousama Ranking, or Ranking of Kings, is Episode 16. It depicts the bloody side of the battle, the sacrifices required for a rebellion to prevail, and how forgiveness is not always simple. This episode has a much more mature tone than the previous ones, which is a tall order given that Ousama Ranking already deals with mature issues. The show was bloody and featured torture scenes. While watching it and reading this article, use caution. After parting ways with Hiling and Dorshe, Bojji and Kage join Gigan in the Underworld.

Domas and Hokuro have beaten the Knights’ Order and now face King Desha. The King of the Underworld declared that his opponent is actually Miranjo as Bojji and Kage arrived for the fight. Bojji is reminded of his mother’s death when he hears Miranjo’s name. The late First Queen of the Kingdom of Bosse died while defending Bojji, according to reports. She had pleaded with Miranjo to spare her son’s life, but he had refused. Miranjo had signalled the enemies to fire a hail of arrows at the Queen, piercing her. Bojji was drenched in blood while being shielded within her arms as she bled to death. Miranjo was also betrayed by the enemy, who struck her down and killed her. Bojji’s last memory is of a person with enormous red feet plucking Miranjo up from the ground.

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FAQs- Information about the season Ousama ranking

  1. What’s the release date of the Season Ousama ranking?
  2. What is the countdown of The Season Ousama ranking?
  3. Where to watch this season’s Ousama ranking?
  4. What is the overview of the Ousama ranking?

All answers to these FAQs are given in our article above, to give your views or have questions then, at that point, go ahead and write in the comment section. The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2 release date regarding all information has been given above.

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