One Piece Chapter 1054 Raw Scan, Read Online UK, Australia, India

On Wednesday night, One Piece Chapter 1054 raw scan photographs started to appear, giving fans all across the world their first glimpse at the forthcoming issue. Full spoilers for Chapter 1054 were already uploaded earlier in the week as a result of Redon’s return to his normal spoiler duties (as well as the efforts of other members of the community), but these pictures serve to further explain and clarify the events of the chapter.

The chapter seems to be mostly focused on getting the Straw Hats ready to leave Wano while also summarizing earlier global events. As most fans are probably aware by this point, Chapter 1054 provides readers with a stunning explanation for what happened to Sabo at the Reverie along with One Piece Chapter 1054 raw scan.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Raw Scan
One Piece Chapter 1054 Raw Scan

One Piece Chapter 1054 Raw Scan Summary

According to the whole summary for One Piece Chapter 1054 raw scan, the chapter will continue in Wano as Aramaki makes his way closer to Flower Capital. The Red Scabbards become aware of an approaching person at Flower Capital. Kinemon advises them to inspect it independently so as not to interrupt the party. Aramaki is pondering Luffy’s capacity for persuasion as he approaches Flower Capital. Raizou, Shinobu, Inuarashi, Denjirou, Nekomamushi, and Kawamatsu, members of the Red Scabbards, arrive in front of Aramaki to stop him. These are the One Piece Chapter 1054 raw scan.

Before starting their battle, the two factions briefly speak to one another as they come together outside the Flower Capital. With his Logia type Forest-Forest Fruit, Ryokugyu seems to be the first to act.

He is believed to be Luffy’s adversary from the marines by the Red Scabbards. Aramaki commands them to move out of his path and then unleashes his might. Aramaki instructs them that they have no business interfering with him because he is using his abilities because they are ignorant of the outer world.

The Admiral summons trees in the shape of fists from the earth and uses them to unleash a massive assault on the Akazaya. Yamato comes and successfully scores a strike on Ryokugyu’s head before joining her friends while Denjiro and the rest look to be holding their own.

Shortly later, Momonosuke also enters the fight, giving Ryokugyu, who has also transformed into a Forest Giant, a comparable-sized foe. Momo changes into a dragon in an effort to mimic Kaido’s strike. Momonsuke chooses to confront Aramaki by himself. That was the One Piece Chapter 1054 raw scan.

By this time, the raw scans appear to be out of order, although the last series of incidents that follow Kurouma’s arrival seems to start with a statement made to the general soldiers. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki is seen in the chapter’s concluding panels furiously gazing out at sea.

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1054 Raw Scan?

The only place where you can regularly read new chapters of One Piece in English is on the Viz Media official website. You may read One Piece on this website. The official publisher of One Piece in the US is Viz Media.

However, only the Japanese translation of the chapters is accessible. The series constantly gets new chapters uploaded, and Viz Media customers get access to many more series.

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More about One Piece

Eiichiro Oda is the creator of the manga One Piece. It has been compiled into 98 tankbon volumes after being published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump beginning July 1997. Monkey D. Luffy, a young child whose body acquires rubber abilities, is the focus of the story.

Monkey D. Luffy, the series’ main character, is a young man who sets off on a mission to find the titular treasure and establish himself King of the Pirates of the East Blue Sea. To build his own crew, Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates go on a risky quest to find the One Piece.

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