Matrix 4 Resurrection Plot

We can call matrix 4 resurrection plot a next-level trend nowadays that has made a lot of fans go crazy after their coming back again as a franchise with awesome stars and stunt doubles of those stars and this movie is going to be record-breaking. There are not many pieces of news or articles available regarding this topic, it was hard for me as well to research on this topic while having no resources to help me out.

Still, I managed to find out enough data about the movie and some of the Matrix 4 resurrection plot and summer and some leaks also. So I would like to warn you guys about this because there will be some spoilers in this article about Matrix 4 resurrection. Without wasting any more time let’s get started with our main topic and some of the matrix 4 resurrection plot.

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The Matrix

Matrix 4 Resurrection Plot
Matrix 4 Resurrection Plot

The matrix is actually a dream generated by a computer to keep all the humans under control and neo has to set free all the humans and the story revolves around this plot and I’m not sharing the current story with you the story I shared above is for all the matrix movies.

This movie was made initially in 1999 with the name of The Matrix and then after 4 years in 2003, another movie came in the market named The matrix reloaded, in the same year 2003 September another franchise was released by a different director named The matrix revolution.

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Now finally after 18 years, we are going to watch another franchise of matrix known as The matrix 4 resurrection and I will share everything I know about this movie including some leaks and also the Matrix 4 resurrection plot as well as the summary. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with the matrix 4 resurrection plot.

Matrix 4 Resurrection Plot, Summary, Leaks

As I told you above that I will tell you everything I know about matrix 4 resurrections including leaks so there will be some spoilers and first of all the movie will be released in every cinema on 22 December 2021 which means we have a few more months to go and then we will witness a Conclusion

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great movie which we waited for a long time. Let’s start with the plot first.

  • Everything You Want To Know

A lot of people guessed that it will be totally new movie with a totally new story which is kind of true but not true also because this movie will be the same as the first movie that was released in 1999 an agent will be chasing down another character known as ‘bug’ played by Jessica Henrick. But as you know this movie is coming on the market after 18 years so there will be some changes in the cast too.

Now, The agent is the Morpheous now and this character is played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen which is a kind of copy to the original Morpheous and he was brought on the place of the original Morpheus because the original Morpheus has died in real life so someone has to play their role in the movie.

Neil Patrick Harris plays the role of the villain known as the analyst and also he is the therapist for the neo and the neo is the real Keanu reeves. Well, that is not it about this movie the essential plot is still left to discuss and share which is Neo trying to reconnect with the trinity who is alive and again become ‘the one’ one more time.

In the end, it will be revealed that the trinity has the powers of the one, and then the two will work together to bring this fight to the end.


In this article, We talked about leaks, summary, and matrix 4 resurrection plot. All the spoilers mentioned on this page are more likely to happen in the movie.

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