Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date – Casts, Genres, Countdown

We are here to announce the Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date in the below section, we will also come to know about its cast and crew, where to watch this season, and Much more stuff about this season, and you will be joyful to know that Kiss Sixth is ready to release its 12th episode. You will get to watch it through various platforms.

From this article, you will learn about Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date, Cast, and Crew, Where to watch this series, Total episodes, Genres Overview, and many more details about this series.

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date

In Episode 10, Ye Sul and Min Hoo spend a personal night together and she proposes a plan to further their affair. This episode was released on 14 Sept 2022.

After watching this episode you are very eager to know the Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date. So, keep reading you will get it in the downward sections.

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Cast and Crew of Kiss Sixth Sense

  • Seo Ji-hye – Hong Ye-seul
  • Yoon Kyesang – Cha Min-hoo
  • Ji-seok Kim – Lee So-hwan
  • Lee Joo-Yeon – Oh Ji-young
  • Hwang Bo-ra – Jang Um-ji
  • Kim Mi-Soo – Kim Min-hee
  • Gi-du Kim – Kang Sang-gu
  • Yoon Jung-Hoon – Kim Ro-ma
  • Kim Ga-Eun – Ban Ho-woo
  • Kim Hee-Jung – Kim Sara


The major genres of this series are Romance, Comedy, and Fantasy.

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How many episodes are in this series?

According to my analysis, there may be only 12 episodes in this series and you will also watch more additional seasons of Kiss Sixth Sense. After Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date, we will also plan to unleash a report on the forthcoming episodes. So, Marked this page and stay updated on the forthcoming episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense.

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date

It’s time to announce the release date of the 12th Episode of Kiss Sixth Sense. It is scheduled for Sunday, 28 Sept 2022. Mark this date in your calendar and get ready to watch the one more most trending episode of Kiss Sixth Sense.

Where to watch Kiss Sixth Sense?

Kiss Sixth Sense is only available on Disney+ in certain regions. Unfortunately, this does not include the UK, the US, or the Philippines. However, for India, you should be able to view this via the Disney Hotstar add-on. The list of confirmed countries that can watch this on Disney+ is as follows:

  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Australia

Outline of this series

It narrates the story of Hong Ye-sool, a woman who has the magical ability to see the future when she is kissed, accidentally kisses her boss, Cha Min-hoo, and sees their destiny together. Her life gets more entangled when Ye-sool’s ex-boyfriend Lee Pil-yo comes back into her life.

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History of this Series

It is a South Korean streaming television series based on the hit Naver webtoon by Gatnyeo. Directed by Nam Ki-Hoon, written by Jeon Yu-ri, and starring Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-Hye, and Kim Ji-Seok. This series is in the Korean language. The original release date of this series is May 25 – June 29, 2022.

Wrapping Up

At last, we arrive at the conclusion that you have all the details regarding Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 12 USA Release Date, Casts, Where to watch, Overview of the series, and many more details. If you have any queries in your mind then drop them in the comment area.

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