Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date, Countdown, Where To Read Online

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date is out now. Yabako Sandrovich’s manga series Kengan Ashura is drawn by Daromeon and written by Yabako Sandrovich. It was serialized on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website from April 2012 to August 2018, with chapters bundled into twenty-seven tankbon volumes. Kengan Omega, the sequel, was published in January 2019. Based on original online animation, it was adapted into an anime series (ONA). Netflix premiered the first 12-episode season in July 2019. The second 12-episode season debuted in October. There will be a sequel, it has been confirmed.

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date
Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 release date

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date is on 6th April 2022.

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Time

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release time is not revealed yet.

Countdown of Kengan Omega Chapter 153

Chapter 152 has just dropped out and now it’s time for chapter 153 to also come out. It will publish on 6th April 2022. That means only 5 days left for a new episode to the premier.

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 release date & overview

Name of the Manga Kengan Omega
Season 1
Chapter 153
Genre ‎ Martial arts
Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date 6th April 2022
Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date Time Not Available
Countdown 5 days left

Recap of Kengan Omega Chapter 152

We saw the Xia brothers and Shen Wulong, the Connector, reunite in Chapter 152. Xia is taken aback by Wulong’s lack of rage despite his failure to bring down Kengan Association. Yan intended to get rid of Ji, he claims, but he had other intentions for him. He instructs Ji to wreak havoc on the Kengan Association since he knows that defeating the Kengan Association fully is impossible due to his might. Jin swears to eliminate team Kengan at all costs after being humiliated by such a remark.

Wulong is delighted with the current situation. The Worm has risen to become the world’s largest terrorist group, and fresh recruits are joining them every day. His primary preoccupation is the recently created Anti-Worm Alliance. Wulong appears to be fully aware of Ji’s abilities, and he regards him as a dragon who was born a rat.

Meanwhile, Narushima Koga appears on a Purgatory-owned Island a few hundred kilometers distant. Today Idemitsu, a spokesman for the group, believes that if Koga had competed, the competition would have been much more intense. When the young warrior approached the courtyard, he was greeted by Kanoh Agito, Metsudo’s Fifth Fang. Is he coming to put up a fight with Koga? We’ll have to wait till the next episode to learn more.

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About Manga Kengan Omega

Gladiator arenas have existed in various forms all over the world since the Edo era in Japan. Gladiators are paid by wealthy business owners and merchants to engage in unarmed combat where the winner receives everything, known as Kengan bouts, at these stadiums. Yamashita Kazuo, a Nogi Group ordinary salaryman, sees a street battle in an alley between two strange warriors. After beating their last fighter in a street combat, Nogi Group CEO Nogi Hideki scouts Tokita “Ashura” Ohma, one of the fighters.

Ohma is entrusted to Kazuo’s management since he exclusively enters these venues to destroy his opponents. His incredible ability to demolish his foes gets the attention of powerful business owners, and he is invited to compete in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament by Hideki. The tournament is hosted by Japan’s most influential CEOs, and the winner is named chairman of the Kengan Association.

As the competition progresses, Ohma puts his power to the test while dealing with the repercussions of his strange history, while Kazuo is attempting to handle Ohma and determine why he was invited to the competition in the first place.

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