Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date – Countdown, Episodes, Casts

Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date has been in many searches; everybody wants to know when the next episode will come out and where they will be able to watch it. So, we have decided to bring a dedicated article to give you all the information you need to know.

In this article, you will learn about the Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date, the platforms you will be able to watch it, the main casts in it, a list of episodes, and some important news about this episode. Let’s look at the release date of this episode without any delay.

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Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date
Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date

Inmate to Roommate follows newly freed criminals as they re-enter society and reside with regular people who open their gates for them. In America, over 76% of prisoners get arrested again after 5 years of being released, and it has the highest rate of recidivism in the world. One of the most significant factors that reduce recidivism is giving access to housing. The former inmates will come into this new living situation with their own baggage and roommates.

The opportunities and the challenges are complex as they each face probes from friends and family, constantly questioning their motives. So the question is whether the recently released inmate will be able to reintegrate into society, or will it be the worst decision each party ever made?

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Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date

Now it is time to reveal the Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date, the 8th of September 2022. Before this, you can watch Episode 3 on September 1, 2022, and to know the release date of upcoming episodes, stay tuned to our website and star mark this site.

Where to watch Inmate to Roommate?

The main platform for watching Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 is VUDU. You will need an active subscription to this platform to watch its series. The availability of the episodes also depends on your location. You can also watch this on Prime video and apple tv, and an active subscription to both is needed. So go and mark the date in your calendar and watch the episode at the earliest.

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The genre of this series is Documentary type.

Main casts

Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date has 6 casts which is as follows:

  1. Dan Alder
  2. Elaine Frontain Bryant
  3. Jonathon Partridge
  4. Laura Korkain
  5. Matt Sharp
  6. Shelly Tatro

List of Episodes in Inmate to Roommate

  1. Time to Set You Free
  2. Rules of The House
  3. I Can’t do This Anymore
  4. The Meat Police
  5. Breaking The Ice
  6. On the Brink

Stay tuned with us we will inform you of any further updates regularly.

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Wrapping up

We finally come to the conclusion of this article with an expectation that you have got all the answers to the question which were in your mind, like the Inmate to Roommate Episode 4 Release Date, where you can watch it, the main cast and crew of this series, the list of episodes this series consist and the genre of Inmate to Roommate. So, wait for 8th September to enjoy the next episode, and be assured to revisit this page for the information on episode 5. If you face any issues or have any questions in your mind regarding this series, please drop a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible with your solutions.

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