Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date – Review, Casts, Spoilers

We are here to reveal the Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date in the below section, we will also come to know about its casts, and where to watch this season. Much more stuff about this season and you will be pleased to know that Haus of Vicious is ready to release its 4th episode and you will get to watch it soon.

Episode 3, Vicious Lies of this Haus of Vicious was released on 31 August 2022, and after watching episode 3 you are excited to know the Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date.

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Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date.
Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date.

Episode 4 of Haus of Vicious was named Vicious Betrayal. In this episode, you are going to see that Chantel and Kane are at a crossway and Chantel discovers that not only he has purchased a house with his lover and they are also having a baby together and also Chantel is left with a disastrous alternative. Jaelyn works hard to make it all go away, but unfortunately, she got fails.

How many total episodes are in this season?

According to my survey, there is a total of 8 episodes in this Season 1 of Haus of Vicious and maybe you will also be supposed to watch more Seasons of this Series. After this Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date, we will also plan to release full coverage on the upcoming episodes of this Haus of Vicious. So, you are supposed to star marked this page to stay updated about the upcoming coverages on the Haus of Vicious episodes.

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Main Casts of Haus of Vicious Season 1 – Episode 4

The following are the main Cast and Crew of this episode.

  • Tami Roman – Chantel
  • Lyric Anderson  – Tia
  • Erica Peeples – Jaelyn
  • Redaric Williams – Kane
  • Ella Joyce – Carolyn

Where to watch Haus of Vicious?

The main platform for watching Haus of Vicious Episode 4 is BET. If you are planning to watch this new episode on BET, then you will need to pay subscription fees for it. This is also mandatory that the availability of this episode depends on your location. So, Please confirm it before going to watch this episode and also note the Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date to watch this episode on the first day.

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Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date

This is the trending topic that when episode 4 of Haus of Vicious will release. So, Let’s reveal the release date of this episode, It is scheduled on September 7, 2022. Mark this release date in your calendar and don’t miss watching this episode.


This Series is Completely based on Drama, Mini – Series.

History of Haus of Vicious

The first episode of this show was released on August 17, 2022, in the United States. This is also known as Vicious and this show is filmed in Los Angeles, California USA. This show is produced by Roman Ramsey Production and this show is in the English language. Keep reading you are a little bit close to knowing the Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date.

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Overview of Haus of Vicious

A startling look into the contrasting lives of Chantel and Kane, the proprietors of the fashion company Haus of Vicious, can be found in Haus of Vicious. Chantel and Kane seem to have it all: a wonderful marriage, highly profitable enterprises.

Wrapping Up

In end, we are wrapping up with this expectation that you have got all the information regarding the Haus of Vicious Episode 4 Release Date, Casts, Overview, history of this series, Genres, and also about upcoming episodes. If you have any questions in your mind you can drop them in below comment section.

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