Gate Preparation Tips for EEE Electrical Engineering

By | July 14, 2017

Gate Preparation Tips for EEE

Gate 2018 Exam Notification is released. This time IIT Guwahati is going to Conduct Gate Exam. Every years lacs of candidate appear for this exam. Gate exam has became important for Electrical Engineers as reputed PSUs now hiring throgh Gate Scores. We have give all important information regarding Gate 2018 like Gate syllabus, Preparation strategy, Previous gate papers etc. In this post we are covering Gate Preparation Tips for EEE Electrical Engineering.

There are total 10 important subjects for Electrical Engineering including mathematics. We will see subject wise ” Gate Preparation Tips for EEE Electrical Engineering. ”

Gate preparation Tips For EEE Mathematics

Mathematics is scoring subject is gate exam. If you want to score well in gate you can not ignore scoring subjects. Practice is key for mathematics. Important topics are Matrix Algebra, Probability, Differentiation, and Integration, Equations

Best books for Gate EEE Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics by B S Grewal.” is most popular and recommended book for Gate Electrical Engineering.

Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Electrical Circuits

Most of students find this topic difficult but if your concept are clear then it is easiest topic. It is also scoring subject in Gate EEE. Important topics are Circuit Elements, KCL, KVL, Steady State Analysis, Network Theorems, Analysis of three phase circuits, Power relations in AC Circuits, Laplace Transform, 2-Port Network Analysis.

Best books for Gate EEE Electrical Circuits

Use ” Circuit Theory: Analysis & Synthesis by Dr. Abhijit Chakrabarti

Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Control Systems.

This is another scoring subject in Gate Electrical Engineering. Most of questions asked are numerical type. Or some theory questions can also appear in exam. Be ready for botg. Important Topics are Transfer functions, Time domain Analysis, 2nd order systems, State variable Analysis, Frequency domain Analysis, Root Locus, Bode-plot, Nyquist Stability Criteria.

Best books for Gate EEE Control Systems

Control Systems Engineering  by I.J.Nagrath and M. Gopal

Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Power Systems.

Power system is also numerical type subjects. Gate questions are not straight forward. There fore you must knlw actual AC DC concepts, Voltage Parameters. Important topics are Transmission lines, Per unit quantities, Load flow methods, Voltage control.

Best books for Gate EEE Power System

 ” Electric Power Systems by CL Wadhwa


Power System Engineering by Nagrath and Kothari


Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Electrical Machines

Four Main topics of this subject are Transformers, Induction Machines, Synchronous Machines and DC Machines. Prepare these topics very well. Most of questions are from this topics.

Best books for Gate EEE Electrical Machines

Electrical Machinery by P S Bimbhra


Gate Preparation Tips For EEE for Power Electronics

Theory or Numericals are expected from this topic. If prepared well then You can score good in this subject. Understand working of electronic devices properly. Important Topics are Type of Power Electronic devices, Phase controlled rectifiers, Inverters, Choppers, Electric Drives

Best books for Gate EEE Power Electronics

Power Electronics by  P.S.Bimbhra

Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Electrical and Electronic Measurements

This subject is all about rating and applications of various Measurements instruments. You have to Mug up some ratings. Numericals may be asked from this subject. Main topics are Bridges, Potentiometers, Instrument types, Instrument transformers, Measuring devices .

Best books for Gate EEE Electrical and Electronic Measurements

A Course in Electrical And Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation by A K Sawhney

Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Analog and digital Electronics

Digital electronics  is comparatively easy subject. Prepare well for analog electronics. It may take some time but it is equally important.

Best books for Gate EEE Analog and Digital Electronics 

Use ” milman and Halkis book for Analog Electronics

For digital use  ” digital designs by Moris Mano

Don’t left any topic for options. Weightage of subjects may vary there fore don’t take risk of keeping any subject optional.

Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Electromagnetics Field

This subject is consist of various laws and theorems. Maxwell equations is main part of Electromagnetics subject. Laws like Guauss law, Ampere’s and Biot-Savart’s laws are also important. Weightage is less for this subject.

Best books for Gate EEE Electromagnetics Field

Engineering Electromagnetics by William H Hayt, John A Buck

 Gate Preparation Tips For EEE Signals and Systems

This is also easy subject if your concepts relates to signals are clear. Questions related to causal non causal , linear non linear, other types of systems are expected. Important topics for Gate EEE Signals and Systems are Type of signals, Fourier, Laplace and Z-Transforms, Sampling theorem.

Best Books for Gate EEE Signals and Systems

Signals and Systems, Author: Alan V. Oppenheim , Alan S. Willsky , S. Hamid Nawab

Aptitude Section is having 15 % weightage in Gate Exam. Aptitude Questions are comparatively easy. If you practice well then you can score full marks in aptitude. To practice variety of examples use ” Quantitative Aptitude by R S Aggarwal “.

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All The Best for Gate 2018 !!




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