Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date- Watch online, Spoilers, Casts, Launch date.

Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date has been in almost all searches this week, So here we are as usual with another article to provide you with every information you need to know about Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date.

This article will help you know about the launch date of Finding Happy Episode 3, where you will be able to watch this series online, some insider information about the series and the next episode and the names of the main casts of this season. Keep reading this article and by the end, you will know everything about the series.

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Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date
Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date

The storyline of this series is about Yaz Carter, who feels stuck in life, and decides to make changes in her life and pursue happiness on her 36th birthday. changing her life, relationships with her family, profession, and romantic life significantly.

Episode 2 was about Yaz’s birthday meltdown turning into a meme; Yaz’s college big brother is now her boss at D-1 Media with plans for a new midday show; Yaz pushes Shawn for clarification on their relationship; Jamila gets her braid shop ready for its opening, and Yaz has a meltdown on her birthday that turns into a meme.

Now without any further delay, we must move on to Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date.

Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 2 of this series was released on 24 September 2022 and it has left all the viewers with one question in mind, what will happen in the next episode? Do not worry you will know soon what will happen in the next episode because Finding Happy Episode 3 Release Date is October 1 2022, go nowhere we will also tell you about the next episode, mark this date in your calendar and do not miss the next episode.

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Episode 3 Important Information

Yaz prepares her audition tape for the upcoming D-1 Media programme The Brunch Crew, but she is sidetracked. Yaz joins a new gym in an effort to get over her trainer lover Shawn. Porter introduces D-1 to a new programme and its new hosts. On the eve of her grand opening, Jamila encounters the dangerously adorable Brandi, her boyfriend Dexter’s new employee, and a client who gives her trouble.

The cast of this Season

The main casts of this season are:

  • B. Simmon
  • Kim Coles
  • Angela Elayne Gibbs
  • Mike Merrill
  • Stevie Baggs

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Episode List in this Season

The name of various episodes in this season are:

  • Finding the Fool
  • Finding Your Power
  • Finding Time
  • Finding No One
  • Finding The Wretch
  • Finding The Surprise
  • Finding The Worry


The genre of this episode is Entertainment

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