Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4, Spoiler, What happens next?

Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4: We almost know everything about one of the top favorite web series by Netflix, yes, we are talking about “Stranger things”. But we don’t know much about one of the most trending spoilers of the 4th season of stranger things, which is “Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4?”

If you are also looking for the same, then wait no more as we are here with all the interesting news about Stranger Things 4 including Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4 or not.
Before moving ahead, again we are clearly giving the disclaimer, that this article has spoilers, read it at your own risk, #spoiler alert.

Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4
Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4

About the world-famous series Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a Netflix original, science fiction, horror drama series. The Duffer Brothers developed this series and also act as showrunners and executive producers. Executive producers are Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

The plot centers on a group of friends who encounter a girl named Eleven and eventually learn about the secrets of Hawkins and what haunts them. Season one was published in July 2016, followed by season two in October 2017, and season three in July 2019.

The 4th season is divided into two volumes, the first released on May 27 & the second on July 1. New challenges have emerged in Hawkins, putting our favorite characters in jeopardy. Vecna, the new enemy, is out for blood and nearly murders one of our favorite characters.

Season Four has nine episodes, seven in the first half and two in the second. The fifth and final season of this show has been renewed.

Now, let’s see about “Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4?”

Spoiler Alert Stranger Things 4

In Volume 1, the show concluded with considerable suspense. The teaser for Volume 2 hints that the gang will be separated into several groups, with the team of Max, Lucas, and Erica traveling to Victor Creel’s house to investigate, and that this may be the moment when Vecna gets the better of the youngster. One Redditor speculated that Lucas may be a prominent character who does not return in Season 5.

Read further to know Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4.

What happens next, Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4?

Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4? – We saw that Max is still in danger and their relationship is on shaky ground, Lucas appears unlikely to die, instead of having to witness the death of someone he cares about maybe even loves – at the conclusion of Vecna. This show made a point of demonstrating how Lucas wants to be a part of two worlds, and because he is so separated from his friends, it is likely that he sacrifices himself or dies in order to protect everyone. Lucas has always shown to be a leader, yet now finds himself in the center of the pack in terms of odds of death.

Given his strong relationship with Max and his acts in the first volume, there is a case can be made for having him die so that the others can live, but more often than not, Lucas will live until the show’s last two episodes and will have to see someone he cares about die in front of him.

By saying this, I hope we are clear about “Does Lucas Die in Stranger Things 4?”

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Stranger Things 4 in a nutshell

The first half of Stranger Things season 4 is dedicated to introducing Vecna and his victims. After Chrissy is murdered in her classmate Eddie Munson’s trailer, which happens to be just next to hers, Max gets captivated by the murders. After the events of the season 3 finale, she becomes extremely reclusive in season 4 volume 1, abandoning all of her friends and even breaking up with Lucas Sinclair. She is mourning the loss of her stepbrother Billy Hargrove and dealing with her drunken mother.

As Max investigates the deaths and attempts to figure out why these particular children were murdered, she learns she is experiencing the same symptoms they had before they died. She learns from the school counselor’s files that Vecna preys on those who are fragile and have a horrible home life. Fortunately, she’s reconnected with some of her pals by then, so she can rely on their assistance to avoid being the next victim.

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