Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date – Launch, Watch Online, Cast and everything you need to know

Many out there are searching for Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date, as the previous episode was terrific. So, we have decided to develop a dedicated article full of information about it. This article will teach you about the upcoming Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date, where to watch it, its cast, and everything else you want to know.

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Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date
Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date

Darby and Joan is an Australian murder mystery, crime comedy-drama television series about a retired Australian homicide detective Jack Darby who took his dog Diesel to an open road to flee his past, whereas widowed Joan Kirkhope, an English nurse, is looking for explanations for her husband’s strange death. They both meet each other in the Australian outback and become an investigative duo, and the most exciting puzzle they face is each other.

The first episode was released on the 8th of august, and most people liked it. Now everyone is waiting for Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date.

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Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date

If we talk about the upcoming Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date, it is scheduled for August 29, 2022. So, mark the dates in your calendar and do not miss its upcoming episodes.

Episode info

Joan is confused after Rebecca’s sudden arrival, and she is struggling to tell her daughter about the murder charges against Ian; Rebecca wants to bring her mother back to London and begins to as for Joan’s health.

Main Casts of Darby and Joan

Main casts are as follows-:

  • Bryan Brown
  • Greta Scacchi
  • Caroline Gillmer

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How many Episodes will be there in Season 1?

Season 1 consists of 8 episodes in total as of now. We will surely inform you if the episode for this ongoing season changes. So, bookmark this page for future references.


The genre of this show is Drama, Mystery & Thriller.

Where to watch Darby and Joan?

The original television network for this show is Acorn TV. To watch this show, you must have a current subscription to this platform. You can also watch Darby and Joan on Amazon prime video. Well, the availability of this show online on these platforms will depend on your location. So, check out whether it is available for your region or not.

The List of Episodes in Darby and Joan

Here is the list of all episodes in Darby and Joan. We will inform you about the future updates also here so stay tuned.

  • The names of the episode are not available

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User Review

The show is a delight to watch; it has no political angle and is very thrilling to watch it. Joan is an average middle-aged female, whereas Darby is portrayed as an older man. Joan comes to Australia to find the answer to her husband’s death in Spain and Darby is a retired policeman forced to retire). They both collide with each other and think to work together to find the answer to Joan’s husband’s death. They both experience great adventures working together. The series is stunning to see where older actors are working together and having a good time.

Wrapping up

We are wrapping up this article, and we expect you have got all the information about Darby and Joan Episode 7 Release Date, the number of episodes, the main cast in the ongoing season, the genre of the series, which is thrilling, and the most relative information about episode 7 and also one of the user reviews about the show. If you still have any doubt about the show, please leave a comment below; we will surely help you in the best possible way.

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