Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date, Hotstar Watch Online, Cast

Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date: Recently, Season 1 of Bed stories has been released on 7th of the July. It came with 7 episodes, releasing on the same date, that is 7th July. Since the release viewers have shown a lot of interest, as the plot of this series was very unique and all the episodes were independent of each other.

Now, all the fans are looking for Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date, for which we are here. If you are also excited to know Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date, keep on reading till the end to find Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date and other details related to it. (

Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date
Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date

Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date

We are extremely sorry that there is no updates or announcement by anyone for the Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date. But seeing the love which season 1 got from the viewers there are high chances that Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date will come out very soon, no doubt.

Watch Online Bed Stories Season 2

Currently, there is no sign for Bed Stories Season 2 Release Date, but if it will come, be sure to get the Disney + Hotstar to watch it. Season 1 also appeared on the same platform.

Bed Stories Season 2 Casts

Sanjay Mishra is playing Bed, who is the main character. He is also the one who is narrating all of the stories in Season 1. So, as he is the main voice of the Bed, if there will be any season 2, he will definitely be going to be in that season too. And there will be new casts for all the different stories, that will appear in Season 2.

Recap of Season 1 Bedstories

These are the overview of all episodes of bed stories Season 1, released on the 7th of July.

1. Hawas Ya Mohabbat-

A minor couple, Aditya and Rama, arrive at a guest home. While Rama is in a quandary, Aditya’s behavior demonstrates his want to be personal with her.

2. Rangraliyaan-

Ramdas and Sushma, an old couple, arrive at a guest house to spend some quality time together. Will their love be able to transcend cultural stereotypes?

3. Aham Ya Waham-

Karishma travels to her hometown to meet her boyfriend. When the couple returns to the Champa Leela guest home, cherished sentiments and memories come back.

4. Azaadi-

Shahid and Ayub arrive at a guest home to say their final goodbyes. Pent-up emotions take control as they finally meet after a long time, and in a cozy hotel room no less.

5. Masakkali Udne Chali-

Dayavan, a crippled beggar, invites a prostitute to a guest house to fulfil his fantasy of a wedding night. Things go wrong when his true identity is discovered.

6. Bhitar Bhitar-

Avatar Rajpashi, an artist, continues to hire prostitutes in order to paint a female model; nevertheless, personal wants always take precedence over professional necessities. Will he ever complete his masterpiece?

7. Mukti-

Rinky, a schoolgirl, is a victim of sexual assault at the hands of her uncle Rampat, and the sole witness is a room at the Champa Leela guest home.

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What Bed Stories Season 2 is about?

This is a story of different people and their different situations, some good and some bad, who stayed in the hotel room, which is narrated by its Hotel’s Bed.

The official synopsis states that, over years, the room of a hotel has seen a variety of experiences, from the happy to the tragic. Its worn-out bed is now narrating these emotional tales.

By observing season 1, we can say Season 2 of Bed stories will follow the same plotline.

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