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Hi there! Are you also looking for Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date? Then let me tell you, you are at the right place for it. We bring this article after a high demand for this series “Archer”. All your questions will be answered here, so go nowhere else just keep reading this article.

You will get to know everything like casts, launch date, the genre of this series, episode list in season 13, and many more. The creator of “Archer” is Adam Reed, it is an animated spy comedy sitcom, and it has gained much popularity over the years.

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Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date
Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date

Sterling Archer, a secret spy with a lousy work ethic and other improper habits, is the series’ protagonist, such as an addicted drinker. He is employed by his mother, who is the head of the International Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS.

Archer’s mother is the source of his alcoholism. There have been 13 seasons of the program overall, and the Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date is also out. In the following paragraphs, learn more about the actors, storyline, trailer, spoilers, and other information for Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date.

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Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of “Archer” season 13 will be aired on the 7th of September 2022, which is on Wednesday. Mark this date on your calendar as you now know Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date, and forget not to watch it as soon as it is aired.

Where to watch “Archer”?

The 2009 premiere of the program was broadcast on the FX network, where viewers could watch it. After some time, in 2017, the program moved to the FXX network, which is a sister network of FX. The 13th season of Archer will also be hosted by The FXX. You can also watch it on online platforms like VUDU, PRIME VIDEO, and APPLE TV. You will need an active connection for all these channels. So go and buy the subscription for any of them and enjoy the entire series of “Archer”.

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Archer Season 13 Cast

The cast of “Archer” includes the following:

  • H. Jon Benjamin voices the character of Sterling Archer.
  • Judy Greer voices the character of Cheryl Tunt.
  • Amber Nash voices the character of Pam Poovey.
  • Chris Parnell voices the character of Cyril Figgis.
  • Aisha Tyler voices the character of Lana Kane.
  • Lucky Yates voices the character of Dr. Krieger.
  • Jessica Walter voiced the character of Malory Archer.
  • Adam Reed voiced the character of Ray Gillette.
  • Stephen Tobolowsky voiced the character of Robert.
  • Pamela Adlon voiced the character of Sandra.
  • Eric Andre voiced the character of Colt.
  • Dave Willis voiced the character of Barry Dylan.

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Genres of “Archer”

  1. Comedy
  2. Action
  3. Animation

Wrapping up

Now we have come to the conclusion of this article Archer Season 13 Episode 4 Release Date, and we hope we have given you every information you need, like where you will be able to watch this series and the list of episodes in this series. The series is fascinating for every viewer, and the launch information about the next episode is also shared. We will surely come up with an updated article about the next episode of this series, so just wait a while and revisit our page. In case of any doubt or query, please drop a comment below we will indeed address it as soon as possible.

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