Anganwadi Supervisor Salary | Pay Scale 2021

Anganwadi Supervisor Salary | Pay Scale 2021

Anganwadi Supervisor Salary | Pay Scale 2021 Details: Anganwadi is rural mother and child center in India. Today we will talk about Anganwadi Supervisor Salary and Pay Scale in detail. Each Supervisor take care of 10 anganwadis and each Anganwadi covers approx 1000 population.

There are many anganwadis in India. Indian government started it under integrated Child Develop services program. Now many women work as Anganwadi workers known as a Anganwadi sevika. Here we will See Anganwadi Supervisor Salary details and also details of anganwadi workers salary.

So if you want to know what is Anganwadi Supervisor Salary then keep reading this article. We will also discuss about anganwadi worker job responsibilities and work profile.

Anganwadi Supervisor Salary and post details

The anganwadi concept started by the Indian government in 1975. Before talking about Anganwadi Supervisor Salary lets check what actually anganwadi is The aim was to fight with child hunger and malnutrition. India is having lakhs of villages and it is not possible for government to reach each village.

Many villages are in remote areas. Due to lack of awareness and shortage of health care services in villages problems like child malnutrition, various diseases in women were increasing. To fight with this problem the Indian government started anganwadi in villages.

Anganwadi is a primary health care center in village specially dedicated for mother and children. Women who run anganwadis known as anganwadi workers. Below we will see What is Anganwadi Supervisor and Anganwadi Supervisor Salary and pay scale.

Anganwadi Supervisor Salary | Job Profile

Here we will see duties and job responsibilities of Anganwadi supervisor. We will also check details of Anganwadi Supervisor Salary and Pay Scale. Anganwadi Supervisor looks after 10 anganwadis. She has to manage 10 anganwadis and supervise work of Anganwadi worker.

There fore Anganwadi Supervisor Salary is more than anganwadi workers. Anganwadi Supervisor continuously provides training and guidance to anganwadi workers. There was recently a demand for an increase in Salary of Anganwadi Supervisor and Anganwadi Worker Salary.

Delhi government has doubled the salary of Anganwadi workers from 5000 to 10000. Now same demand rises in Gujarat, Rajasthan and other states. Now below we will see Salary Details of Anganwadi Supervisor. 

Anganwadi Supervisor Salary 2021

Salary of Anganwadi Supervisor is having Pay scale of 5200 – 20210 and grade pay of 2400. Anganwadi Supervisor Salary may vary from state to state but pay scale remains the same.

Approx Aganwadi Supervisor salary in hand could be around 15000 per month. But it is not fixed it differs. Anganwadi workers salary in Delhi is now 10k+.

Soon it will increase in other states also. There will be also an announcement of increase in Salary of Anganwadi Supervisor. So these are all details about salary and pay scale of Anganwadi supervisor.

ICDS Anganwadi Workers Salary in Delhi

Anganwadi Workers Salary and Pay Scale in Maharashtra

ICDS Anganwadi Salary and Pay Scale 2021

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